We have been raising and selling high quality breeding stock and club pigs for nearly 20 years. Over that time, we have been fortunate enough to have produced some very influential purebred Yorkshire, Hampshire and Crossbred boars and gilts. Boars such as CEO, Route 99, General Manager, Built for Speed, Finish Line, Vampire Kiss and Fast and Furious left their mark by generating for many boar studs and other show pig breeders. We’ve also sold many gilts that have been big contributors in herds across the country.


While we still offer purebred genetics, our main focus has been and continues to be, producing high quality, competitive show pigs for hardworking, dedicated families that enjoy competing at county, state and national shows. We’ve recorded numerous champions at Midwest county fairs yearly, along with major accomplishments like producing GRANDS at Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Indiana State Fair and Ohio State Fair. A record that is virtually unmatched. We take great pride in our customer’s faith and trust in that we’ll do our best to help you be as successful as possible.  We believe in our repeat customers as they have been the biggest reason why we have produced champions consistently year after year.  If you are returning for another year, we thank you! If you haven’t tried us, but would like to feed a Creager pig, give us a call! We would love to meet and work with you.


From 100 head county fairs to 4000 head “majors” we have won more that our share. Our genetics are practical and proven over time to be complete, sound, balanced and functional. That is why year after year families are winning classes, divisions and champions with our genetics. Please contact us if we can help you reach your goals. If you’ve had success with our genetics, send us your pictures, we’d love to recognize your successes as well. 

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